Security firm relieved of all guard duties for lapses in RWM incident

MANILA-- N.C. Lanting Security Specialist Agency, the provider of security guards to Resorts World Manila (RWM), was ordered relieved of all its duties in the said establishment after the Philippine National Police-Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (PNP-SOSIA) found several security lapses in wake of the June 2 incident where 38 people were killed and 74 others wounded.

Among the lapses were the failure of N.C. Lanting to observe the so-called duty-pairing system; lack of training of its guards at the RWM in mall security which could have prevented the worsening of the situation; failure to wear the prescribe uniform and lack of authority for Lanting to require its guards to wear a special set of uniform, hence prohibition to carry firearms.

It was also noted that one of the security guards of N.C. Lanting, when suspect Jessie Carlos was going berserk, instead of engaging the latter opted to lend his weapon to a member of the RWM internal security who then fought it out with the gunman.

Carlos eventually killed himself with his M-4 carbine while 36 employees and guests of RWM succumbed to smoke inhalation with a foreigner suffering from a heart attack.

"(Also) Lanting has no security plan to ensure compliance with the prescribed security requirement of the PNP, except its deployment plan in the form of its Daily Shifting Detail Order," said PNP-SOSIA head Chief Supt. Jose Maria Espino.

"Wherefore, foregoing presented, and by the virtue of powers and functions vested by the laws, rules and regulations of the PNP, exercised through SOSIA, N.C. Lanting Security Specialist Agency is hereby ordered to prohibit guard duties and thereby relieve of its posted guard duties at the entrance of and exits of Maxims Hotel and Newport Mall of Resorts World Manila until further notice," he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency