Solon urges candidates to localize poll platforms

MANILAWith only a week away before the Barangay (village) and Sangguniang Kabataan (youth council) elections, a lawmaker at the House of Representatives on Monday urged candidates to localize their platforms of governance.

Siquijor Rep. Ramon Rocamora also said holding a forum or debate for the candidates in their respective barangays could be an opportunity for them to present their election platforms to their constituents.

"It is also important to ask what kind of leadership style they will bring. Is it participatory, transparent and with full access to information to their constituents?," Rocamora said.

"Will these candidates give special roles to and consult with marginalized sectors like farmers, the fisherfolk, women and senior citizens should they be given the opportunity to serve?," he added.

The lawmaker said local issues, such as the delivery of basic services, could be brought up during the candidates' forum, as well as environmental problems.

He particularly noted that the candidates in his province could address the possible environmental degradation in Boracay that may be replicated in Siquijor.

Rocamora also advised the electorate to vote for good leaders, considering that the barangay is a significant sector of local government.

"Please do not treat this exercise as a mere 'barangay-barangay lang' as a lot of the problems stems from and can be immediately solved at the barangay level. We must expect more from our barangay leaders not just the usual basketball courts or beauty contests," he said.

"Let us all be active and hold them accountable to their promises the way we must hold all public officials answerable to their promises and accountable for their actions," he added.

On May 14, Election Day, regular voters will be electing eight barangay officials, including one chairman and seven kagawads (councilors), while youth voters will be choosing one SK chairman and seven SK kagawads.

There are more than 57 million registered voters in the forthcoming polls. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency