Stick to Christian rites in building houses, prelate urges faithful

MANILA A prelate urged the faithful to adhere to Christian practices and shy away from superstitious beliefs, particularly the offering of animal blood, which is often conducted before building a home.

According to Fr. Winston Cabading, one of the exorcists in the Archdiocese of Manila, people should forget about the 'nothing will be lost if followed' mentality and follow Christian rites if they want to ward off evil spirits in areas where they are constructing a house or structures.

Catholics must stick with Christian rites only and do away with 'nothing will be lost if followed' attitude in relation to superstitious practices, he said in a Facebook post.

Cabading noted that they can directly ask God for blessings.

Our disposition as Catholics must always be: God alone suffices! he added.

It has been a practice of some people to offer animal blood to drive away evil spirits or as a peace offering to elementals or nature spirits in the area where they are erecting their houses or buildings.

Others, meanwhile, ask shamans or occult practitioners to perform cleansing rituals during groundbreaking or cornerstone laying.

Based on popular beliefs, the practice is also being conducted to prevent accidents during construction.

Source: Philippine News Agency