TESDA chief urges employees to suggest ways to end corruption

MANILATechnical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Secretary Guiling Mamondiong is urging all the agency's employees to suggest ways on how to better fight corruption.

"My office is open for anyone, even the janitors, and I am open for their suggestions," Mamondiong told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) in an interview on Wednesday.

The TESDA chief emphasized that he wants the involvement of everyone. "I don't think anybody has the monopoly of ideas. Others may come up with better ideas," he explained.

Last year, TESDA declared that it was corruption-free.

On Wednesday, Mamondiong told the PNA the agency is not 100-percent corrupt-free.

"But we should be. It is the mandate of the President to put an end to corruption in this country, in the bureaucracy," he said.

Mamondiong added that anywhere, in all countries, there is corruption. "Technically, we have not reached 100 percent of being corruption-free. But the President will make sure we will work on it," he remarked.

The TESDA chief said he has been doing various ways to fight corruption, such as the nationwide inspection of all TESDA training centers.

"I have ordered the inspection of all the training centersif these are capable of conducting training, check the equipment, the faculty or trainers," he said.

Mamondiong also said he will give a reward of PHP50,000 to whistleblowers.

"So far, no one has come to me to report wrongdoings or corruption. That means there is fear. Nobody has come out in the open," he lamented.

"So I encourage everyone, even the public, to help us in this fight. Because if there is corruption in TESDA, definitely it involves the employees," Mamondiong noted.

Mamondiong reiterated that he is urging all TESDA employees to approach him. "If they know they have good ideas or suggestions then don't hesitate to approach me," he said. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency