TESDA to intensify dual training system in tech-voc courses

MANILA � The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) plans to strengthen the dual training system (DTS) in its technical-vocational (tech-voc) courses, an agency executive told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) over the weekend.

Chief TESDA specialist Floramel Joy Songsong said the DTS can be applied in any TESDA qualification or course, adding that industries with rapid technology advancements like manufacturing will benefit the most.

DTS combines theoretical training in schools and practical training in companies. A Dual Training System Act (RA 7686) was signed in 1994.

Duration of the course using the DTS would depend on the collaboratively designed plan of the training center and the industry.

Songsong said the total number of training hours is 60 percent in the company and 40 percent in school. Tech-voc institutions should have memorandum of agreements with companies that will partner for the DTS.

Songsong added that TESDA is currently revising the DTS implementing rules and regulations.

The agency, she said, believes that strengthening the DTS in the country will help address the unemployment and skills gap, especially among the youth and those who finished high school and tech-voc courses.

Meanwhile, TESDA has scheduled a forum about the DTS implementation on Oct. 24 in Manila. The forum will be held in time for the observance of the DTS week.

"This forum aims to promote and encourage more participation among industries and tech-voc institutions in implementing the DTS. Information on tax incentives for DTS implementers (will also be discussed)," Songsong said.

Based on TESDA's record's, about 110 institutions currently implement the DTS, and there are 876 DTS industry partners.

Industries, schools, prospective partners and current partners in DTS implementation will attend the forum, Songsong said. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency