TESDA urges sub-sectors to apply as recognized bodies

MANILA -- As part of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority's (TESDA) tagline, "Abot Lahat", it is now encouraging sub-sectors to apply as its Recognized Industry Bodies (RIBs).

Chief TESDA specialist Floramel Joy Songsong on Friday said the RIBs program was launched last March 26 but its implementing guidelines were amended in July.

Before, an industry association could apply as RIB of a sector but with the amended implementing guidelines signed last July 25, sub-sectors are now welcome to be an RIB.

Songsong said TESDA has five priority sectors that are key employment generators --- construction, tourism, agri-business, wholesale and retail, health and wellness, automotive and transport.

"Now the scope has become wider. We'd go into sub-sectors. For instance, there is an association of hotel shuttle service providers, they could apply to be recognized (industry body)," she said.

"For example, for transport, storage and communication (industries), the sub-sectors are land transport, water transport, auxiliary transport activities," she said.

Earlier, Songsong earlier said the RIBs will give advice to TESDA in the design and implementation of skills development schemes to deliver quality TVET (technical and vocational education and training).

They will also provide policy advice during the review and updating of competency standards, curriculum exemplars, assessment tools, as well as in the formulation of industry skills plans.

"TESDA would like to emphasize that we want more industries to be part of our programs," she added.

Those who are interested to apply as RIBs, they may call hotline numbers 888-5641 (to 46) for inquiries. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency