UAE court defers decision on Dalquez

MANILA-- The Court of Appeals in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, postponed on Monday its decision on the case of Jennifer Dalquez, the Filipina domestic helper facing execution for killing her employer in 2015, due to the non-appearance of one of the victim's children in the hearing.

"According to our Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the UAE Court of Appeals postponed its decision on the case of OFW Jennifer Dalquez to April 12 because one of the victim's children did not appear in court today," Assistant Secretary Charles Jose, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesperson said.

The Al Ain court in February deferred the execution of Dalquez, 30, pending the decision of the victim's children whether to affirm the execution or opt for blood money.

Dalquez may escape the death sentence if the victim's two children refuse to swear in court and ask for blood money instead.

Dalquez was sentenced to death for killing her employer on May 20, 2015.

The barrio lass from General Santo City said her employer tried to rape her at knifepoint and she accidentally killed him while defending herself.

Jose said upon learning of the incident, the Philippine Embassy in UAE sent a lawyer and filed an appeal before the court.

In June 2015, then Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz visited her in prison to check on her and promised to provide assistance to her family.

The DFA has brought her parents to UAE so they could visit her and attend a court hearing.

Source: Philippines News Agency