(YEARENDER) Duterte presidency spikes car rental business, good prospects in 2017

The huge influx of foreign and local tourists in Davao City and the rest of the region have already made positive impacts in car rental businesses, a senior official of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCCI) claimed, as he also saw good prospects for the business next year.

Ronald Go, the incoming president of DCCCI, said increase in the entry of more tourists in the city and the region started when President Duterte won the election last May.

"People are curious what Davao City has to offer," Go, who is also into car rental business, said in an interview Thursday.

The car rental has six to seven big players currently involved in the business in Davao City and the region, he added.

Go said they have been currently serving their business clients in banana and the energy industries in the area.

But with the election of President Duterte, shift in the sectors they served took place as local and foreign tourists flocked to Davao City and the region.

"Next year, we wanted to increase our participation in the tourism industry as we are anticipating the entry of more local and foreign tourists by 2017," Go pointed out.

Infrastructure improvements

Go also expressed expectations the government will prioritize the development of infrastructures in the city and the region starting 2017.

He is particularly concerned with the road networks especially in Davao City as traffic congestion is now usually experienced by motorists and travelers in the city.

His group, he added, is also mulling expanding its rental business into alternative transportation system if traffic problems continue to affect the major thoroughfares in Davao City.

"We are also looking into Grab Heli (helicopter) concept," Go stressed.

Go is also a helicopter pilot by profession and have been servicing the top executives of big business companies in the region.

"Those who can afford can rent available helicopters," he said.

"Colorum" vehicles

Go also called on the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to go after the "colorum" vehicles who also engage in car rentals in the city and the rest of Davao region.

"These vehicles have no proper documentations," Go said.

He emphasized that legal car rental businesses comply with all regulations and payments of fees to concerned agencies.

"We are paying all the necessary fees and secure pertinent documents for our business. These 'colorum' operators do not," he added.

Go also warned that hiring of "colorum" vehicles is detrimental to the public.

Source: Philippines News Agency