Youth group slams communists; wants CPP’s 50th year its last

MANILA -- A youth organization on Tuesday urged Filipinos to make the 50th year of communist insurgency in the Philippines its last, adding the people should report young communist leaders, who want to raise arms against the Philippine government.

In a press statement released January 30, the Duterte Youth group has slammed Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison and urged the country's law enforcement agencies to monitor Left-inspired youth groups and "immediately arrest those who support and join the bearing of arms to kill government troops, extort money from the people, and burn down government and business facilities."

This year is the 50th year of the communist insurgency, and we must make this year, their last year," the youth group said. The majority of the Filipino people and the millions of Filipino youth are tired with this communist-terrorist armed movement that has long-hindered the growth of our nation."

The youth group stressed that more than 80 percent of Filipinos and tens of millions of Filipino youth actually support President Rodrigo Duterte and the country's government troops.

It said most Filipinos now aspire for "the immediate transformation of the Philippine Republic into a well-developed, disciplined, rich, and powerful Southeast Asian Nation just like Singapore and our other neighbors."

"We, the majority of the Filipino youth, do not support Joma Sison, who has been hiding in Europe since before we were born," Duterte Youth chairman-assistant secretary Ronald Cardema said.

"We will monitor, oppose, and fight now the less than 5 percent of students in schools, who want to overthrow the government, who vandalizes our walls and streets in urban areas, who support the killing of our soldiers and policemen in the field, in extorting money from our countrymen, and in terrorizing businesses in the countryside, the youth group declared.

Source: Philippine News Agency