Zambo City set to launch tricycle booking application

Tricycle booking application “Carry Ko” is set to be launched on October 18 to better serve the riding public in this southern port city.


Nursoud Abing, “Carry Ko” proprietor, on Friday described the booking application as a “transport service mobile data app” for tricycles in the city that would benefit both the drivers and riding public since current quarantine protocols only allow tricycles to carry passengers.


Abing said the booking application will also eradicate overcharging since the passengers will be informed beforehand how much is the fare and a corresponding receipt will be issued by the driver.


The plate number of the unit and the name of the driver will be also incident in the receipt, he said, adding that residents can use the app by downloading it on their phones.


“After downloading the application, they can now book tricycle service using the said application door to door,” he added.


He said that initially, 300 tricycle drivers from the 3-Wheelers Wonder Association (3WWA), City Brothers, and Samahang Operator Drivers Transport Service Cooperative (SODTRANSCO) will form part of the pilot program.


He said the program will also help enhanced contact tracing amid the health pandemic because both the drivers and passengers will have electronic transaction records.


Source: Philippines News Agency


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