Zambo dads pass ordinance marking Allied troops landing

The City Council here has passed an ordinance declaring March 10 and 11 as the official dates of the commemoration of the landing of Allied Forces in this city during World War II.

The landing of the Allied Forces at the Yellow Beach in Barangay Sinunuc on March 10 and 11 in 1945 led to the liberation of this city from the Japanese imperial forces during World War II.

We are making it official. Under the ordinance, the commemoration of the landing (of Allied Forces) is on March 10 and 11, said Councilor Cesar Jimenez Sr., author of the ordinance that was approved during Tuesday's regular session.

Jimenez said the commemoration also aims to honor the gallantry and heroism of veterans of the second world war.

Ordinance 2020 01, entitled "Commemorating the Landing of the Allied Forces at Yellow Beach", was certified urgent by Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco Salazar.

The Yellow Beach, a favorite tourist destination, is one of the important historical sites of this city.

Source: Philippines News Agency