GfK Wins Morocco Tender for Electronic TV Audience Measurement and Extends Radio Audience Measurement Contract in Switzerland

NUREMBERG, Germany, July 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — GfK has won a tender with Morocco’s joint industry committee, CIAUMED, to deliver an electronic TV audience measurement (TAM) service in Morocco. Morocco is well known in the MEA region for its expertise in TAM and is the first country in North Africa, and the second in the whole continent, to operate an electronic TAM system. On top of this, GfK has also been awarded a 3-year extension on its current radio audience measure (RAM) contract in Switzerland.  

GfK has been commissioned by CIAUMED, the joint industry committee representing the TV stations, agencies and advertisers of Morocco, to deliver a new electronic television audience measurement service. The state-of-the-art system employs GfK’s universal metering system, TV Loggers, which gave outstanding performance in the field test that formed an integral part of the tender process in Morocco and is being successfully used in Lebanon.

Mr Reda Taleb, President of CIAUMED explains: “After a thorough and professional selection process, our JIC has selected GfK to operate TV audience measurement, according to the highest international standards. This project has immense value for Morocco, providing the very latest techniques and cutting-edge technology for measurement of TV consumption. This will deliver significant benefits for our media industry in terms of fast, accurate and highly reliable data and market insights.”

Stefan Raum, global head of GfK’s Audience Measurement and Insights division, comments: “We are proud to bring our global experience in audience measurement to Morocco and to introduce our innovative electronic solutions and high-tech client software in this dynamic country. We will work in close cooperation with CIAUMED gradually to introduce new features, while respecting existing conventions in the market. Our success in winning the Morocco tender further strengthens GfK’s position as becoming the leading television ratings provider in the Arab world.”

In Switzerland, Mediapulse AG (a subsidiary of Mediapulse Foundation) has also signed up GfK for a further 3 years, to measure the official national statistics on radio consumption up until 2016. Switzerland is a forerunner in Europe in having electronic radio audience measurement. GfK has been providing radio audience measurement services in Switzerland since 2001. The new contract is a prolongation of the contract signed in 2009, and sees GfK monitoring 1,012 individuals daily, via its Mediawatch service, based on a panel of 26,312 individuals who are rotated through the daily monitoring.

GfK is a major provider of audience measurement services globally, with over 40 years of experience in this highly specialized area. GfK currently delivers TV rating services in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Lebanon, the Netherlands and Portugal and has also recently signed major contracts in Brazil and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For radio audience measurement, GfK currently operates in several countries, including Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Romania, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Design Gallery Shop Opens in PMQ

HONG KONG, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) opened its third Design Gallery shop in Hong Kong today, in the creative industries landmark PMQ in Central. HKTDC Executive Director Fred Lam, Hong Kong Design Centre Board of Directors Chairman Victor Lo, Miss Hong Kong 2013 Grace Chan and a number of Hong Kong designers and brand representatives officiated at the opening ceremony.

HKTDC Design Gallery specifically promotes products created and designed in Hong Kong. The wide variety of products in store also highlights the extraordinary creativity of Hong Kong designers in areas ranging from accessories, watches and household decorations to premium goods and stationery.

The new Design Gallery shop currently showcases some 1,500 products from nearly 80 Hong Kong designers and brands. The area is divided into three themes: Designer Delight, featuring gifts and premiums, houseware, stationery and toys; Accessory Access highlighting handbags and accessories; and Treasure Trove, spotlighting watches and jewellery.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Lam said, “PMQ is a new landmark for design and creativity. Since its opening, it has turned into a magnet for up-and-coming design talents in the city. PMQ’s mission of serving as a start-up platform for designers and a nurturing ground for innovative entrepreneurs dovetails perfectly with Design Gallery’s commitment in promoting Hong Kong original designs and brands. It is great that Design Gallery can set up shop in PMQ, so that both can contribute together in supporting Hong Kong’s creative industry.”

Mr. Lam also pointed out that, in addition to the three physical Design Gallery shops in Hong Kong, the HKTDC has been working towards expanding its sales network, bringing Hong Kong branded products to new points of sale that promise heavy customer traffic and more diversified customer sources. These include Ocean Park, the WWF Visitor Centre and K11 Design Store. The HKTDC is also developing Design Gallery’s network in the Chinese mainland. So far, almost 20 points of sale have been successfully set up in cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao and Wuhan. Also, through Yahoo’s Outlet, Asia Miles’ gift redemption programme and mainland online platforms such as “Tmall” and “JD Mall”, the HKTDC is introducing Hong Kong designs to more customers.

The three Design Gallery theme units in PMQ occupy a total area of about 1,200 sq ft. The designer has adopted a clean and bright design throughout, to link up the three units. Different colour themes also give each unit a unique ethos and provide customers with a cosy and relaxed shopping experience.

Special offer: To celebrate the Grand Opening of the Design Gallery PMQ shop, from now until 31 July, customers can enjoy a 20% discount on all items. In addition, customers spending more than HK$500 in Design Gallery PMQ Shop will receive an Eco Concepts retro water bottle worth HK$240. The water bottle is made of 100% polylactic acid, a material extracted from plant starch. It features beautiful sceneries of Hong Kong to echo Design Gallery’s mission in promoting original local designs. With a black and white body, the water bottle is both retro and stylish, making it a highly collectible item (a limited number of the gifts are available while stocks last).

New PMQ Shop

Address: Units HG07-09, G/F, Block B, PMQ, No.35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +85225481115
Monday – Sunday, Public Holidays: 11:00 – 21:00

HKTDC Design Gallery

“Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition @ Harbour City

HONG KONG, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Art is derived from life, and life sparkles because we dream! Since the launch of fabled cartoon “Peanuts” in the United States in 1950, the main character Snoopy has become the symbol for “dreams coming true”. Harbour City proudly presents the “Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition from July 16 to August 12, 2014, which displays the world’s largest figurine of Snoopy at 3.3 metres tall and Snoopy art pieces made with Japan’s most iconic traditional crafts created by Japanese artist Yoshiteru Otani and other master Japanese craftsmen. Yoshi has worked together with Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schultz, for many times already and the Charles M. Schulz Museum has also displayed 2 art pieces created by Yoshi. Yoshi had live demonstration of giant Snoopy calligraphy of “Hong Kong with 4M x 2M size and “Dream with 2M x 2M size at Atrium II, Gateway Arcade of Harbour City on 16 & 17 July, 2014.


On behalf of everyone at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, Creative Associates and Peanuts Worldwide, Mrs. Jean Schulz, the wife of Charles M. Schultz, is truly honored to be part of Harbour City’s extraordinary tribute to Peanuts.  From what she has seen, this is a very remarkable exhibition — and even from United States  across the world   in Santa Rosa, California, she is impressed by the magnitude of the displays.  She knows that her husband, Sparky, would have been very happy to see how the characters that he created could bring joy to people  and it is particularly exciting to see it happen across the globe in Hong Kong. She hopes everyone enjoys this magnificent event.

"Dare to Dream" Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition @ Harbour City
“Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition @ Harbour City

Harbour City has organized a series of exhibitions and activities for the “Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition:

Exhibition / Activity

Date and Time


“Dreams Never Fail” – Snoopy’s Time Track    
Giant Art Installation

16 Jul to 12 Aug 2014

Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City           

“Create Your Dreams” – Snoopy themed calligraphy and Japanese craft exhibition

16 Jul to 12 Aug 2014 

 (11am – 10 pm)

“Gallery by The Harbour” (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)

“Small House, Big World” Snoopy Dog House Art Array

16 Jul to 12 Aug 2014

Corridor, G/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City

“Dream Memorial” — Pop-up Store

16 Jul to 12Aug2014 

(10am – 10 pm)

Atrium I, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City

Snoopy Artland                                                         

16 Jul to 12 Aug 2014


Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City

“Dare to Dream” Charity Sales and Events

a. Snoopy Postcard Charity Sale

19 Jul to 12 Aug 2014

“Gallery by The Harbour”; &

Atrium I, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City

b. Snoopy Meet & Greet

19 Jul to 12 Aug 2014

(Every Weekend)

G/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City  (near shop OTG01 – Greyhound  afé)

Charity Snoopy Coffee Art

19 Jul to 12 Aug 2014

Participating restaurants at Harbour City

“Dreams Never Fail” Snoopy’s Time Track Giant Art Installation

The Ocean Terminal Forecourt in Harbour City will display “Dreams Never Fail” Snoopy’s Time Track Giant Art Installation curated by Yoshiteru Otani. 4 Snoopy figurines with different gestures with giant background graphics will run from the Main Entrance of Ocean Terminal of Harbour City to the 5 flag poles, which implies that Snoopy is traveling all the way from United States to Japan and then to Hong Kong, expressing the idea that art has no boundaries. In addition,the world’s largest Snoopy figurine at 3.3 metres tall, has become the symbol for the pioneering spirit of dreams realized, symbolising the determination of marching forward together to make dreams come true.

“Create Your Dreams”Snoopy themed calligraphy and Japanese craft exhibition

 “Gallery by the Harbour” at Harbour City will also organize the “Create Your Dreams” Snoopy themed calligraphy and Japanese craft exhibition at the same time. Prominent Japanese artist Yoshi Otani skilfully creates Snoopy images with brush calligraphy, other master Japanese craftsmen will also perform Japan’s most iconic traditional crafts such as Mino pottery and Wajima lacquering techniques on Snoopy’s figure. Moreover, the private collection of Mrs. Jean Schulz, Hida Ichii Itto-bori: Dragon and SNOOPY, will be also be displayed at the exhibition. Each unique art piece is created by different traditional oriental method to vividly interpret the lovable demeanour of Snoopy, showing the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western art.     

"Create Your Dreams" Art Exhibition & "Small House, Big World" Snoopy Dog House Art Array
“Create Your Dreams” Art Exhibition & “Small House, Big World” Snoopy Dog House Art Array

“Small House, Big World ” Snoopy Dog House Art Array

In the comics Peanuts, Snoopy loves creating, daydreaming and soaring in the infinite world of imagination on the rooftop of his doghouse. The corridor of Gateway Arcade, Harbour City will be transformed into “Small House, Big World” Snoopy Dog House Art Array, exhibiting Snoopy’s 10 doghouses designed by celebrities and artists under the theme of “Dream”. Through the 1.8-metre houses, 10 celebrities and artists from different nationalities and professions express their childhood memories and dreams, implying diverse art features of their cultures. It is also the first time for Schulz Studio of Charles Schulz, the Peanuts creator, to design and exhibit a doghouse overseas. Other designers include Japanese artist Yoshi Otani, Liverpool footballer Ian Rush MBE and British fashion designer Philip Colbert as well as local artist Pak Sheung Chuen and his children, “slang guru” So Real Real and the prodigy of painting Kenny Lau Kin Gi. The art installation will help us break the constraints of reality to re-encounter our own big world. Let’s embark on the “dream” journey.

“Dream Memorial” Pop-up Store for Made-in-Japan Snoopy Products
Simultaneously, Hong Kong’s first “Dream Memorial” — Pop-up Store for Made-in-Japan Snoopy Products will be set up at Atrium 1, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, selling exclusively made-in-Japan Snoopy products for the first time in Hong Kong. From daily commodities to accessories, every piece combines fine Japanese traditional crafts, such as Mino-yaki tableware, Wajima-nuri tableware, tins utensils and ornaments, and Kaga Yuzen handkerchiefs, signifying the endless pursuit of the finest craftsmanship. Now you can also collect art pieces of Snoopy at your home. There are also Snoopy art and life sale counters to sell Snoopy plush toys, handbags, backpacks, gadgets, cookies and chocolates.

Snoopy Artland

Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal will transform into a Snoopy Artland, bringing children into a Snoopy dream world. The park will be decorated with colourful tones of light blue and pink, along with a 12 feet tall Snoopy doghouse in which children can slide besides the doghouse into the playground. The surrounding decoration will be filled with summer themes such as Snoopy enjoying an ice cream, popsicle and cupcake, cooling off from the summer heat.

“Dare to Dream” Charity Sales and Events

Each child has their own dreams but not every child has the ability to pursue it. Harbour City will hold a Snoopy special charity sale of postcard and a series of activities, in which all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF to help the children in need from around the world to help achieve their dreams.

a.      Snoopy Postcard Charity Sale: Harbour City has invited artist Yoshiteru Otani in specially designing a calligraphy postcard to represent the Hong Kong Snoopy exhibition. Along the calligraphy will be an effect of gold foil along the front. Each postcard is HK$10, proceeds going to charity.

b.     Snoopy Meet & Greet: During the event weekends, Harbour City has also invited Snoopy for a meet & greet with everyone at Ocean Terminal. With any amount of donation, you are able to take a group photo with snoopy and also receive a hug from him.

Charity Snoopy Coffee Art

From July 19 to August 12, 2014, a variety of participating restaurants at Harbour City will be offering charity “Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition themed coffee art, ensuring everyone enjoys an amazing culinary experience. Snoopy Coffee Art will be sold at charity price. Part of the proceeds will be donated to “UNICEF”. Furthermore, with a designated donation, customers can join the “Charity Snoopy Coffee Art Workshop” organized by illy Caffe to make Snoopy Coffee Art.

Participating restaurants include: add@Prince, Bubbles Bar, Cafe Marco, Caffe Greco, illy Caffe, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Lobby Lounge, Prince Hotel Lobby Lounge, niji bistro, The Coffee Academics & Three On Canton

Harbour City Snoopy themed coffee art charity sale
Harbour City Snoopy themed coffee art charity sale

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