2021 fireworks injuries 56% lower than 5-yr. average: DOH

The number of fireworks-related injuries (FWRIs) for 2021 rose to 181 after the Department of Health logged eight additional cases as of 6 a.m. Wednesday.

The agency’s latest data showed the overall tally is 123 cases or 47 percent higher than in 2020 but 56 percent lower than the five-year average at 414 injuries for the same period.

“There were 180 cases or 99 percent of the injuries were due to fireworks and one is a stray bullet injury. No fireworks ingestion or death reported,” the DOH said.

About 67 percent of the FWRIs were recorded in the National Capital Region (NCR), followed by Region 1 (Ilocos Region) at 29 percent and Region 6 (Western Visayas) at 26 percent.

A total of 132 cases or 73 percent are males aged two to 74 years old.

Some 18 cases or 10 percent suffered blast or burn injuries requiring amputation, 122 or 68 percent had blast or burn injuries not requiring amputation, 45 or 25 percent had eye injuries, and five or 3 percent sustained multiple types of injuries.

Meanwhile, 85 or 47 percent of the cases were active users of fireworks, 94 or 52 percent had the injury at home, 84 or 47 percent on the streets, and one case in a basketball court.

A total of 20 cases or 11 percent were suspected of being intoxicated with liquor.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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