Paracetamol, flu meds supply back to normal this weekend: DTI

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez said supplies of paracetamol and other flu medicines at drugstores will start to normalize this weekend.

Speaking to President Rodrigo Duterte during the Talk to the People Thursday evening, Lopez said manufacturers of these medicines have started to deliver to drug stores since Wednesday.

He added that due to the surge in demand for paracetamol and flu drugs after New Year, pharmacies have ordered three times more of their normal orders of these medicines.

“Their (drug stores) reported to us that they ordered three times more of their usual ordering level in anticipation of larger demand and preparation for the spike in cases from Omicron,” he said.

He said there is no shortage in supplies of paracetamol and other flu medicines and that manufacturers have a large production capacity of these products.

The trade chief reported that at least four paracetamol brands with local production can produce 57.3 million tablets in a month, while the capacity of production plants of two brands reach up to 80 million per month.

Lopez added that according to the Drug Stores Association of the Philippines, the shortage of paracetamol and flu medicines is only in Metro Manila and it is due to the unforeseen surge in demand.

“We expect the stock to normalize this weekend,” Lopez said.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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