46,713 motorcycle taxis registered in pilot run

A total of 46,713 motorcycle taxis have been registered in the pilot study nationwide, based on preliminary figures released by its technical working group (TWG) on Wednesday.

Based on the data, Angkas sits on the lead with the highest number of registered riders with a total of 25,304, maximizing its rider cap in both Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

In Metro Manila, Joyride has registered 15,000 riders against Angkas' 20,000, while Move It has registered 6,409 falling short of the transportation network company's (TNC) 10,000 rider cap in the region after agreeing to transfer 5,000 of its allocated rider spots to Angkas.

In Metro Cebu, Angkas has registered 4,500 riders while both JoyRide and Move It have so far failed to register any riderswith both companies previously allocating 3,000 riders each.

In Cagayan de Oro City, which the TWG earlier said was included to broaden the study's coverage to all three major island groups of the country, only Angkas was able to register 804 riders, out of the 3,000 rider allocations given to each of the three TNCs.

This will, therefore, set the record straight in so far as compliance to the documentary and regulatory requirements under the revised guidelines of the TWG, most especially on the need to fully register and declare the names and number of contracted riders by the participant TNCs, the TWG said.

Richard Vargas, communications officer of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), said the registration will officially end on Wednesday and redistribution of the remaining rider allocationswhich so far stand at 16,28will be made after the number of registered riders have been finalized.

On Friday, TWG chair Antonio Gardiola Jr. warned motorcycle taxi TNCs against colorum riders after the TWG and other traffic enforcement agencies caught a total of seven unregistered motorcycle taxis operating in Metro Manila.

"We will not have second thoughts to penalize those who defy the authority," Gardiola said.

On January 22, Gardiola said the total nationwide rider cap for motorcycle taxis has been increased to 63,000, with Metro Manila allocated a total of 45,000 riders, while both Metro Cebu and Cagayan de Oro given 9,000 each.

Source: Philippines News Agency