About Us

The Philippine News Digest gives the complete insight of every domestic, regional and international news and has been doing it for a long period of time. The website has its readers from all across the world, who are into finding the latest happenings of the Philippines and the Asean region. The website has many things for the visitors of all kinds and age groups and that gives it an edge over other online news websites. The unbiased reporting is what which has made it the reliable source of publishing news from the Philippines and the Asean region for international media and that trust we had not achieved if we would not have focused to the basic teachings of journalism.  The team behind the website has gone much further as far as letting the readers take out backdated news with comfort is concerned and in this regard, we have come up with a highly advanced archiving system which has been designed for our readers.

There is our constant struggle behind making our strong existence in the regional news industry and in the international media. The direction was simple and straightforward in order to achieve that landmark and “it was to only trust the news source which we fully verify that it will give the authentic news”. This is what we have been doing it since the start of our career in the news industry. Being a responsible team behind The Philippine News Digest, we understand that one single fake news may turn out to be the hazardous thing for the overall situation of the society and that we will never compromise on.

While this website is the first choice of the readers who are into finding the news of all the sectors, it is also the first choice of different sorts of business owners, who have the passion to get their businesses recognized internationally and dominate the unexplored international markets  other than Asean region. This is possible through our service which we offer them and it is Philippine Press Release Services, through which many owners of small businesses fulfilled their dreams of getting their businesses recognized as the famous brands.

What our readers have in mind about our website and about its performance, we encourage them to share it with us, and for that since the launch of our news website, we have the social media team, which is highly professional and it is to gather our readers valued comments and ensure them that their points of views are appreciated. As we do not overlook every single comment by our readers on different social media websites, so it demands us to be active on every social media platform and that is what we are good at. Readers can also use our service such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feed service in order to know every latest happening.