Be not afraid of life’s trials, Tagle tells faithful

MANILA -- Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has called on devotees of the Black Nazarene to summon the courage in facing life's difficulties, saying that Jesus Christ is with them in their own 'traslacion' in life.

"Let us look at Christ and hold on to Him as we go through our own traslacion in life. If we lose our way, He will be the one to lead us in the way to the Father," Tagle said in his homily during the Mass for the feast of the Black Nazarene, held at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Tuesday midnight.

The cardinal cited as an example the people affected by the five-month long conflict in Marawi City.

"Let us not lose hope because there is Someone who is with us in our journey. He is Jesus, who is with us in our 'traslacion' in life," he said.

Tagle also urged the people not to be greedy for power but to be humble in serving others, particularly the vulnerable.

"A true human admits that he is a creation and will, therefore, not compete with God. Being a true human, in the ways of Jesus, means we should not play God. Instead, we must accept our lowliness," he said.

"Life does not depend on power. We were born without power. And in time of death, we will not have power. Let us live without greed for power and you will be a true human being," he added.

Tagle likewise asked the faithful to live like Christ who cared for those who were in need.

"He cares for the hungry, the thirsty, those who have no clothes, the homeless, the abused and will tell them: 'I am with you because we are fellow men'. We can see in Jesus the way to being human because He carries the truth on how it is to be human," the Catholic prelate said.

Among those who attended the Eucharistic Celebration were Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, his son and ex - senator Jinggoy Estrada, Philippine National Police Chief Gen. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa, and Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman Danny Lim.

Also in attendance was Papal Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia.

Meanwhile, rector of the Manila Cathedral, Fr. Regie Malicdem, said it was the first time in recent memory for a Vatican representative to attend the Mass for the feast of the black Jesus Christ.

"The Nuncio is the representative of the Pope. So it is a great honor for us all devotees that the representative of the Pope is present in this special occasion," he said. "In my 13 years of experience, this is the first time that a Nuncio is attending."

Source: Philippine News Agency