Bello optimistic to find common grounds with Communist rebels to attain long lasting peace

MANILA -- Philippine government chief peace negotiator, Secretary Silvestre Bello III on Thursday expressed optimism that the third round of talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines/National Democratic Front (CPP-NDF) rebels will end in a positive note.

Bello, who delivered his opening statement in Rome, Italy, said their joint signed commitment to stay at the table and complete the negotiations within a specific time frame "provided us the needed momentum to discuss remaining substantive agenda of the negotiations."

"Almost five months ago, in August of last year, we embarked on resuming our negotiations which to many, after almost three decades of peace talks, seem to be intractable and more so, immovable to others," Bello told attendees in the third round of talks.

"Against this pessimism, however, we decided to come forward and tried anew the talk for peace. Resuming the talks we did, with only the steady guiding hands of President (Rodrigo) Duterte for us to hold on as we venture on the difficult tasks of sensing each other and understanding each other's fears and dilemma," he added.

According to Bello, their respective declaration of indefinite ceasefires in August to accompany the talks "put flesh to our commitment at the table. More so, it afforded our people tangible dividends of the peace talks, given the lowering of the level of violence on the ground, especially in conflict-affected communities."

"Undoubtedly, we both earned confidence that allowed us to start the discussion of a possible joint ceasefire that will hopefully lay the groundwork for ending hostilities," he pointed out.

He admitted that the third round of talks is doubly difficult with the challenges of unlearning war in order to wage peace.

"We are glad that we did not falter in resuming the talks after seven years of impasse to be followed by another five years. For indeed, our first and second round of talks in August and October, respectively, were no small measures of our commitment to the tasks of ending the armed conflict and of building peace," he recalled.

Bello said the eagerness to attain long lasting peace brought both panels to this third round of talks.

"It is very opportune to hold this round of talks at the advent of the new year that promised enabling hope," he noted.

Indeed, he said, "we shall need this hope to tackle the rigorous subjects on socio-economic, political and constitutional reforms, and of ending hostilities and disposition of forces."

"I am also hopeful we can meaningfully discuss the issues that persistently confront our negotiating table, such as prisoner release; the implementation of the reconstructed JASIG list; the full operationalization of the Joint Monitoring Committee of CARHRIHL; and the amnesty program," he emphasized.

Likewise, Bello said he is one with President Duterte's optimism that in this round of talks, "we are able to finalize and approve the joint ceasefire agreement."

"Towards these agenda, the GRP panel has come prepared to exchange and discuss our drafts on said agreements," he added.

The peace negotiator expressed confidence that their discussion in the next five days "will be cordial but frank, rigorous but productive -- in finding common ground, in matching word with deed, and in having resolve with will."

"Hopefully, the outcome of this third round of talks will not change us, but rather unequivocally define us," he noted.

As the GRP panel chair and peace worker, Bello said he is grateful to everyone "for bringing us to this round of talks. May the promise of hope that the new year brings, continue to animate our negotiations." (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency