Better chance of holding 2018 Miss Universe pageant in Boracay: Teo

MANILATourism Secretary Wanda Tulfo-Teo said Friday the Philippines is asking the Miss Universe Organization to hold the pageant in Boracay this November, after its six-month closure and rehabilitation.

In an interview in Pasay City, Teo said there is now a bigger chance the proposal would push through after talks of holding the pageant in China reportedly did not prosper.

According to reports, China refused to air the competition live, eventually breaking the expected deal. After hearing the news, Teo said the DOT is now "pushing" for the event to be held in Boracay.

"I'm pushing for it to be here, supposed to be in China but from what I've heard, China does not want a live telecast. Actually, we still have a competitor. Vietnam is also bidding," she said.

"But I was asking them if they would consider the Philippines, because we want to feature the destination once it opens and I want the world to see that the island is now ready with the most beautiful women in the universe in the most beautiful island in the world," she added.

Talks on holding another Miss Universe in the Philippines first surfaced in December last year, but Teo then said it is up to President Rodrigo R. Duterte whether or not to host the international event in Manila again.

In a December interview, Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shugart said they are very open to host another Miss Universe coronation in the Philippines.

Before the island was closed down, Teo said Duterte himself brought up the idea of holding the pageant in Boracay once its rehabilitation is completed. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency