BI rejects Aussie nun’s bid for extended visa

MANILA -- The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Saturday denied with finality the petition of Australian nun Patricia Fox to extend her temporary visitor's visa, ordering her to leave the country on the same day.

It is not mandatory for the BI to extend an alien's visa, especially a foreigner who has been proven to have violated immigration laws, BI spokesperson, Dana Krizia Sandoval, said in a statement.

The law is clear, the entry and admission of an alien is a matter of privilege, and not a right, she added.

Last July, Fox was the subject of a deportation order for violating the conditions of her stay and for undesirability, due to her alleged participation in partisan political activities.

These activities do not fall within the ambit of the religious missionary visa given to her, Sandoval said. She never represented her congregation in these events, but instead represented different cause-oriented groups."

On the other hand, Sandoval explained that the decision is without prejudice to her appeal to the Department of Justice on her deportation.

For now, she is required to exit the country before the expiry of her visa. She is also currently in the blacklist, the BI said, adding that they have to wait for the decision of the Department of Justice on her deportation to know if she can still return to the Philippines.

On Wednesday, the camp of the Australian nun said that Fox is leaving the country for Australia on November 3. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency