Biomass power plant to rise in Zamboanga del Sur

The first renewable energy power plant will soon rise in Barangay Commonwealth in the nearby town of Aurora town, this province.

The ceremonial groundbreaking for the six megawatts Biomass Power Plant was held Wednesday and was participated by provincial government officials and Libertad Power and Energy Corporation (LPECO) representatives.

Governor Victor Yu said Friday the project was a welcome development as it is seen to improve the province's energy capacity.

In biomass power plants, residues and agricultural wastes are burned to produce steam to run a turbine to make electricity, or that provides heat to industries and homes.

Yu said that he supports all forms of renewable energy because they are eco-friendly and at the same time can boost the economy.

He underscored the role of that the renewable energy source plays in complimenting the sectors of agriculture and other industries in terms of development.

Engr. Reggie Albano, LPECO project director, said that residents should not be worried about the establishment of a biomass power plant.

Albano assured the plant is not harmful to the environment since it is carbon-neutral and has electrostatic precipitators that will filter out the so-called unborn fuel to prevent it from evaporating to the atmosphere.

He added the power plant is of great potential since the fuel that will be used for its operation will come from materials found in the surroundings.

Compared to geothermal, coal and hydro-electric plants, biomass is a practical alternative since it will only use agricultural wastes such as coconut husks, rice straws and rice hulls to be converted into fuel, Albano said.

Albano said when the production is continuous, the biomass plant can convert up to 172,000 kilograms of waste into fuel or around 5.6 million kilograms a month.

He also said the National Grid would appreciate this project since it can help in the low voltage problem of the province.

The biomass plant financed by LPECO will be completed within 20 months, he said.

Source: Philippines News Agency