CEB probes baggage pilferage incident in HK-MNL flight

MANILA Cebu Pacific (CEB) on Monday said it is investigating the alleged baggage pilferage on a female passenger who flew from Hong Kong to Manila last April 14.

In a Facebook video posted by Anthony Enriquez, a lady was shown making a scene beside the baggage carousel. The lady claimed that her clothes were the only things left inside her baggage. She also claimed that the lock in her baggage was missing, indicating that somebody had opened it.

The female passenger also cited that the perfumes and an iPad she put inside her bag were also missing.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Public Affairs Department's officer-in-charge, Ma. Consuelo Bungag, told airport reporters on Monday that based on initial investigation, there was no discrepancy in the baggage weight when the passenger checked-in at the airport in Hong Kong and when she arrived in Manila.

"The baggage weight of 8 kilograms weighed the same after she complained," Bungag said.

According to CEB spokesperson Charo Lagamon, the complainant used a different airline from London to Hong Kong where she retrieved her luggage before checking in for CEB flight 5J 113 bound for Manila.

Her baggage was placed inside a Unit Load Device (ULD) or baggage container and secured aboard CEB aircraft.

"CCTV security footage showed that the ULD arrived Manila intact, with the passenger's baggage inside," Lagamon said, adding that CCTV footage also showed the baggage still had a lock in place when ground personnel loaded it on the carousel.

CEB is currently coordinating with ground handlers at Hong Kong International Airport to trace how the complainant's luggage was handled from the time she arrived there. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency