Cebu capitol outlines protocol for trucks carrying goods

To ensure unhampered supply of commodities during the general community quarantine, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has issued a policy on the movement of cargo trucks carrying goods and other necessities into the province of Cebu.

In an executive order dated March 17, 2020, Garcia outlined a protocol to be observed by delivery trucks arriving in the port of Cebu from different provinces in the country.

The new policy required trucking companies to tap drivers who are from Cebu so that truck operators at the point of origin whose trucks will cross over to the province would turn over the goods to the Cebu-based drivers.

“Trucks at the point of origin may be ferried to Cebu where their drivers may accompany the same,” the executive order read, adding that once the truck arrives, it will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected.

Garcia said in her order that drivers accompanying the truck will not be allowed to disembark from the vessel and return to the place of origin of the cargo once the turnover has been made.

The policy does not however require police escorts while travelling in Cebu.

If the trucking company has no Cebu-based driver, they should require their drivers and helpers accompanying the truck delivering the goods to bring extra clothing, shoes, disinfectants and food enough for the duration of the delivery in Cebu.

The same sanitation and disinfection protocol will be done on the trucks driven by non-Cebuanos, it said.

“The health and well-being of the drivers and helpers will be checked and assessed. If determined to be symptomatic, they shall be immediately isolated and quarantined until arrangements for their transport back to their place of origin have been made,” it further read.

The drivers that pass the health check will be disinfected and required to take a bath and change their clothes. Their used clothes will be properly sealed in a plastic bag.

The trucks will be allowed to leave the seaports after the delivery.

During the delivery, the drivers will not be allowed to disembark from the trucks and will be escorted by personnel of the Philippine National Police when delivering the goods and back to the exit port.

It advised empty trucks intending to pick up goods from Cebu to observe the same protocols in the executive order.

Source: Philippines News Agency