Christmas Message of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

I am all Christians celebrate the Christmas season.

While we rejoice and assemble, we may contemplate the true meaning of Jesus' birth. The story of his birth more than 2,000 years ago was a time of peace.? ?

Our observance of Christmas is also known as the longest in the world - a proof that we are by nature peaceful and loving. Therefore, the true spirit of Christmas is based on the message of peace that is one of the priorities of our government.

Be diligent to offer a uniting and unity for all. Being generous, especially the needy and the poor are our further multiplied.

As President, I will make sure there is food on every table; and we can do more work to establish families and be more safe, fun, and convenient to every Filipino.

May we be inspired to Christmas we achieve genuine peace and comfort for the whole people.

Together we can achieve our dreams and aspirations for the development of our country. A merry and blessed Christmas to all!

Source: Philippines News Agency