Diplomatic Corps expresses best wishes, ‘solidarity’ with Filipino people

MANILA (PNA) -- The Diplomatic Corps in the Philippines on Wednesday expressed best wishes to the nation's leaders and its solidarity with the Filipino people as the country faces various social and economic challenges on its road to progress and prosperity.

In his speech during the traditional New Year Vin d'Honneur at MalacaAang Palace, Archbishop Guiseppe Pinto, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, expressed the deep gratitude and best wishes of the chiefs of the various diplomatic missions and international organizations in the country to President Rodrigo Duterte and the Filipino people.

"In their name, I convey to you, Mr. President the most heartfelt wishes for a 2017 full of achievements in trade and especially in cooperation in the vast and complex area of technology that is gaining more and more interest," he said.

Pinto noted that there is no nation nor people that does not long for tranquility and security as these open the way to development.

However, devastating natural phenomena, like Typhon Nina which affected millions of Filipinos in Southern Luzon during the Christmas season, could set back the achievements obtained with great sacrifices and stretch the resources of the nation, he said.

But while there are generous assistance from local and international communities, the Papal envoy acknowledged that the answer to recovery "lies first of all in the Filipinos themselves and in their ability to shape their future again and again, in their enthusiasm for community life and their passion for giving and receiving support."

"Mr. President, the word 'solidarity' means much in this country and we, members of the Diplomatic Corps, feel that we were a part of the Filipino people, of its hospitality and its determination to face the challenges of the adversities brought about by forces of nature or arising from events that take place," the dean of the Diplomatic Corps said.

He also expressed the Diplomatic Corps' best wishes of good health and success to the President, to the leaders of Congress and members of the Cabinet.

"Let us now raise our glasses for a toast to a new year of hope and peace, of greater progress and prosperity for the Filipino people, and for the well-being of Mr. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. May God abundantly bless us in this new year 2017," Pinto said.

Source: Philippines News Agency