DOST chief reiterates need to strengthen R&D in the country

MANILA-- Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato Dela Pena reiterated on Wednesday the need to strengthen research and development (R&D) in the country.

He said by strengthening the R&D on various fields, we could help the administration to achieve its goal of reducing ecnomic inequality in the regions.

Speaking at the National Academy of Science and Technology's (NAST) regional scientific forum slated in Baguio City from May 16-17, Dela Pena said there is also a need to strengethen the R&D on agriculture and fisheries sectors.

It may be recalled that the NAST has conducted three regional forums this year in order to study and discuss the potentials of having a "blue economy" for the country.

"Blue economy," as compared to "green economy," focuses on seas and oceans, and emphasizes on the sustainable management of marine resources.

Acording to Dela Pena, there is a need to harness the potentials of a "blue economy," and this should be done through a strategic marine mapping.

Meanwhile, Dela Pena led the opening of the Luzon leg of the NAST regional scientific forum in Baguio City.

NAST said the regional forums serve as a prelude to its 39th annual scientific meeting, which is slated on July 12-13 in Manila.

The scientific meeting will also focus on attaining sustainable development goals in the fisheries and aquatic sectors.

Source: Philippines News Agency