Expert lauds possible deployment of OFWS to China

MANILA-- The recruitment industry has lauded the possible opportunity for Filipinos, particularly household service workers (HSWs), to work in China.

The recruitment industry welcome the possibility of deploying HSWs to China due to the existing large market of foreign workers or expatriates working for many international companies and financial institutions, said Emmanuel Geslani, recruitment and migration expert in a statement.

He believed that good communication skills are Filipino workers' strengths why host countries preferred them.

There is also demand from wealthy Chinese who want their children to be exposed to Filipina HSWs who can speak and write in English, Geslani added.

At the same time, he noted that the salary of some PHP100,000 per month, is also an encouragement since majority of Filipinos working abroad are looking for better salary

In addition the possible salary of PHP100,000 or the equivalent of USD 2,000 is very attractive for many OFWs, Geslani added.

It was reported that China is looking to hire some 100,000 Filipino workers, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The OFWs will be deployed in five cities including Beijing, the country's capital and Shanghai.

Source: Philippine News Agency