Group backs Duterte’s reforms, martial law declaration in Mindanao

MANILA(PNA) -- A highly spirited group of individuals from the countrys's various regions has recently issued a manifesto strongly supporting President Duterte's platform for genuine reform particularly his anti poverty programs, the fight against corruption, illegal drugs and criminality.

The Solid Duterte Supporters Group (SDSG), now popularly referred to as the SDSG D' Originals, organized and led by Mar Masanguid who was also elected as its national president, has vowed support for Duterte's declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao as a means to quell the clear and present danger of terrorism in the country.

Masanguid, a barangay captain in Davao, will be remembered as the bold organizer of the Rodrigo Roa Duterte for 2016 President Movement long before Duterte ever contemplated running for President. The movement subsequently precipitated and generated popular and overwhelming nationwide support for his presidential bid.

SDSG issued its manifesto during the organizational meeting of its Marikina chapter on June 18 at the Marikina City Hall, led by Greg Conde and Harry FM Singh, chapter chairman and vice chairman, respectively. The manifesto was also signed by all the more than 50 pioneering members of the SDSG Marikina Chapter, led by councilors Bojie Bernardino and Jojo Banzon.

Quoting the manifesto, Masanguid said, "The thirst of the Filipino people for genuine reform has not been quenched. Amid these trying times, we rally behind you in the war the government wages against poverty, against illegal drugs against lawless elements, against grave and imminent threat of terror.

The manifesto also stressed: We strongly adhere to your position to place Mindanao under the state of martial law to effectively quell the uprising by Muslim extremists the threat of local and foreign terror is a clear and present danger to the security of the country.

Masanguid said SDSG also concurs with the President's foreign policies and the bid to rid every street in the entire country of the shadows cast by criminals hardened by illegal drugs so that families will feel free and secured.

Source: Philippines News Agency