Indonesia mulls withdrawing from several int’l bodies

The Indonesian government will consider pulling out from several international organizations, retaining the membership of only those that give real benefits to the nation's interests.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Armanatha Nasir said on Friday that the country had decided to withdraw from six international organizations next year and would reconsider memberships of 75 other international bodies.

"We will evaluate the possibility of exiting from memberships in 75 organizations," he said at the foreign ministry office.

Among the reasons for the termination on the memberships were reduction of the government's financial spending and lacking of the benefit for the interests of the country, according to the spokesman.

The re-evaluation was made after Indonesian President Joko Widodo stated that he wanted to ensure that Indonesia stays true to the country's "free and active" foreign policy.

Separately, Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla said in his office that Indonesia would retain memberships in the United Nations and its bodies.

Source: Philippines News Agency