Israel Expresses Relief at Release of Kidnapped Filipino

Manila, Philippines - The Israeli Embassy in Manila announced the release of Noralin 'Nataly' Babadilla, the last Filipino unaccounted for following the October 7 assault on Israel, who was later found to have been kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza. Babadilla's release after 53 days in captivity was met with great relief by the Israeli government.

According to Philippines News Agency, Babadilla is currently undergoing medical evaluation at Tel HaShomer Hospital in Israel. The embassy provided details of the incident, stating that Babadilla and her partner, Gideon Babani, were visiting friends in Kibbutz Nirim when the attack occurred, leading to Babani's murder and Babadilla's abduction.

The Israeli Embassy expressed ongoing concern for the safe release of over 150 hostages, including nine children, still held captive by Hamas. It assured that Babadilla would receive support from the Israeli government, as is customary for all victims of terror.

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