Malaysia to hold talks with N. Korea amid tension over murder row

KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysia said Friday it will soon start talks with North Korea in an apparent effort to ease the diplomatic tensions over the murder of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, noting that release of the body still held by the country will be on the agenda.

"We are ready (for the official talks) in the next few days," Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman told a press conference, a day after Malaysian police said they had conclusively established that the man murdered last month at Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the North Korean leader's half-brother Kim Jong Nam.

The escalating row between Malaysia and North Korea over the incident has led them to expel each other's ambassador and impose tit-for-tat exit bans on each other's nationals. Whether to lift the travel ban may also be discussed during the planned dialogue.

Source: Philippines News Agency