Manila police bares traffic rerouting for Iglesia Ni Cristo event

MANILA The Manila Police District (MPD) on Friday announced road closure and rerouting of traffic during the "Lingap Laban sa Kahirapan" event of the religious group, Iglesia Ni Cristo, which will be held at the Rizal Park here on July 14-15.

In a statement, the MPD, through its Traffic Enforcement Unit, said it will close on July 14, from 6 p.m. onwards, the stretch of Katigbak Drive, South Drive and Independence Road; and on July 15 from 12 a.m. onwards the following roads:

The stretch of Road-10 from Moriones to Delpan Bridge Bonifacio Drive from Delpan Bridge to Katigbak Drive;

Roxas Blvd. from Katigbak Drive to P. Ocampo;

east and westbound lane of P. Burgos from Lagusnilad to Roxas Blvd.;

Finance Road from Taft Ave. to P. Burgos;

the westbound lane of TM Kalaw from MH del Pilar to Roxas Blvd.; and

the westbound lane of Pres. Quirino from MH del Pilar to Roxas Blvd.

Motorists are also advised to take the following alternative routes:

vehicles on the southbound lane of R-10 going to Bonifacio Drive can turn left to Moriones St.;

vehicles coming from Pasay area intending to use the northbound lane of Roxas Blvd. will be diverted to either turn right to P. Ocampo St. or use Roxas Blvd. service road vehicles coming from the three bridges (Quezon, McArthur, and Jones) intending to use the southbound lane of Roxas Blvd. can go straight to Taft Ave.;

vehicles from Ayala Bridge can turn left/right to Taft Ave.;

all vehicles using the westbound lane of Pres. Quirino can turn left to Mabini St.; and

heavy vehicles/cargo trucks shall take Pres. OsmeAa to Pres. Quirino going to Nagtahan via AH Lacson to Yuseco to Capulong to R-10. (MPD PR)

Source: Philippine News Agency