Megawide to help construct PNR East-West Rail Project

MANILA-- Philippine-based infrastructure conglomerate Megawide Construction Corp. has teamed up with two other companies for the construction, operation and maintenance of the 9.77-km. rail project from Diliman, Quezon City to Espana Blvd. in Manila.

In a disclosure with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Thursday, Megawide said it partnered with East-West Rail Transit Corp. and Alloy MTD for the East-West Railway Project (EWRP), one of the Duterte administration's major infrastructure project.

EWRP, which is almost entirely elevated, will run from Diliman in Quezon City, traverse Quezon Avenue and end at Lerma in Manila.

It is proposed to have 11 stations and provide inter-connecting facilities with other rail systems.

According to the Public-Private Partnership Center website, the project's cost has yet to be announced while procurement mode is through unsolicited proposal.

Megawide President President Edgar Saavedra said the company's decision to join in EWRP's construction, operation and maintenance supports the Duterte administration in its push for reliable, sustainable transport infrastructure.

A solution is needed for Metro Manila's worsening traffic congestion and we believe efficient mass transportation is the answer, he said.

Saavedra said Megawide's expertise in building infrastructure projects would further be seen with this latest endeavor.

Engineering and construction are vital components in any infrastructure project; in fact, they are the basis of Megawide's capability in infrastructure development. This will guide our participation and vision for EWRP, he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency