MMDA calls for volunteer lawyers to file cases vs. erring barangay officials

MANILA-- The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is encouraging lawyers to offer their services to the agency for cases filed against erring barangay officials who fail to keep their jurisdiction free of illegally parked vehicles and other road obstructions.

We encourage all lawyers to help us in our fight against negligent barangay officials. We cannot do it alone as we lack manpower and resources, Tim Orbos, MMDA Officer-in- Charge said.

MMDA made the call after it strengthened its drive against barangay officials who continued to violate the no-parking rule and tow-away in their respective localities.

Orbos said that the agency's legal department recently filed administrative cases before the Office of the Ombudsman against seven barangay chairmen for failure to clear the streets that were already cleared and cleaned by MMDA personnel of obstructions.

He further explained that barangay chairmen could face administrative cases for failure to maintain the riverways and 'esteros' in their areas garbage-free.

Moreover, MMDA has been continuously conducting river and estero cleanups in various waterways in Metro Manila via the Estero Blitz program to mitigate massive flooding during the rainy season.

We have stepped up our anti-illegal parking and sidewalk clearing operations all over Metro Manila to ultimately improve the traffic situation, according to Orbos.

We would only attain this with the cooperation and support of all the stakeholders, including the barangay personnel � the people on the ground who have direct supervision over these inner roads, he added.

Aside from barangay personnel, Orbos said that the agency would need the services of volunteer- lawyers to file cases against business establishments that continue to allow vehicles of their clients to park beyond the road easement.

Source: Philippines News Agency