NYC condemns Davao bombing, calls for youth vigilance

The National Youth Commission strongly condemns the recent bombing incident in Davao City that prompted the President to declare a region wide State of Lawless Violence.

In a recent statement, the NYC further reiterated that whoever are the perpetrators of this dastardly act must be meted with punishment of equal magnitude as the crime they committed because this disrupts the peace and order situation that the current administration is working on.

On the other hand, the NYC calls for vigilance among the youth; to be extra cautious and to be always conscious of possible emergency situations brought about by this horrendous incident.

It is at this time that all Filipinos must remain calm and to institute measures to thwart future attempts to create commotion and to sow fear.

Lastly, it is encouraged that everyone must take part in a relentless advocacy to promote a culture of peace and non violence in all parts of the country (NYC)

Source: Philippine Information Agency