Pasig River rehab body warns vs dumping of wastes into river

MANILA-- Companies and individuals caught dumping wastes into the Pasig River will face apprehension and heavy penalty, an official of Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission warned.

"I urge individuals and companies along the Pasig River and its tributaries not to take this warning lightly or to test our will in cleaning up the Pasig River. We have the wherewithal and commitment to carry out our mandate," newly-appointed PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio Goitia said.

Goitia said he has secured authority from Laguna Lake Development Authority to arrest people caught dumping wastes into the river and its tributaries.

Goitia has created a law enforcement unit in the PRRC to carry out the task and deployed river watchmen in strategic areas along Pasig.

The PRRC works to transform the Pasig River into a showcase of a new quality of urban life and to restore the river's quality to C level.

Source: Philippine News Agency