PMDP 2nd Leadership Conference starts today at DAP Conference Center in Tagaytay City –

The much awaited PMDP 2nd Leadership Conference is happening on September 1 and 2 at the DAP Conference Center in Tagaytay City.

This year's theme is "Continuity in Change" in light of the crossover to a new administration. It aims to be a venue for discussions on emerging concerns and issues that may directly or indirectly effect change in the public sector, knowledge sharing and networking.

Just like last year, one of the major highlights of this year's conference is an exhibit of the alumni's Re-entry Projects (ReP) for the Middle Managers Class and Capstone Papers for the Senior Executives Class.

The conference is a joint annual undertaking of the Development Academy of the Philippines and the PMDP Alumni.

Specifically, the conference aims to discuss the priorities of the current administration and the present aspirations of the greater majority of the Filipino people. It also aims to provide a global/regional/local overview of the latest trends in public sector productivity and digital and ICT innovation strategies for the enhancement of government service delivery. It hopes to discuss Federalism as a government system and share possible implications on governance and the career service. It aims to present a model of leadership useful to managers in the public sector.

The LeadCon also hopes to share shining examples of PMDP REPs in pursuit of public sector productivity and change.

The conference will focus on six different sub themes namely: Governance Agenda of the New Administration, Aspirations of the Filipino People, Innovation and Productivity for Inclusive Growth, Federalism, Phronetic or Adaptive Leadership for Public Service Excellence, and Communities of Practice: Project Stories on Productivity and Innovation, and Issues Confronted in the Grassroots.

It will consist of plenary talks, panel discussions, breakout participatory sharing sessions of Re-Entry Projects, talk show on Sensing Journey experiences, exhibits, wellness activity, batch potluck and an alumni fellowship night.

The participants of the conference are the PMDP Alumni and other interested government officers, members of the NGCESDP Steering Committee, DAP Senior officials, the PMDP faculty and program management.

Source: Philippine Information Agency