PNP successfully defends drug war at EU human rights body

MANILA-- The Philippine National Police (PNP) has successfully defended the government's all-out war against illegal drugs before the European Union (EU) Human Rights Commission.

This was disclosed by Chief Supt. Dennis Siervo, the director of the PNP Human Rights Affairs Office (HRAO).

Siervo said this was after the PNP clarified the data pertaining to the war on drugs.

He added that the representatives of the EU Human Rights Commission even asked the government representatives if there is any help they can offer the Philippines.

The offer was made after the series of meetings between Philippine government representatives, including the PNP, with the United Nations (UN) and EU in Geneva Switzerland, and Brussels, Belgium, respectively.

The Philippine government officials reported to the EU that the alleged 7,000 deaths as a result of the war on drugs is utterly not true.

The PNP officials maintained that only around 2,800 have been killed in legitimate police operations related to the campaign against illegal drugs.

The PNP maintained that the homicide and murder cases were erroneously lumped together with the death figures which resulted in a bloated figure.

Source: Philippines News Agency