Pres. Duterte vows to deliver promises despite impeachment case

DAVAO CITY-- President Rodrigo Duterte is unfazed by the impeachment case filed against him by the Magdalo Party-list last week as he vowed to deliver his promises to the Filipino people as government worker.

The impeachment case, he said will not stop him from continuing his campaign against illegal drugs, corruption and criminality in the country and he will remain focus.

I welcome both developments, said the President referring to the impeachment case and the case to be filed with the International Criminal Court (ICC).

On Thursday, Magdalo Party-List Representative Gary Alejano filed an impeachment case against Duterte on alleged extrajudicial killings, hidden billions of the President, ghost employees at City hall when he was mayor, among others.

"They can do their worst. I can do better in my performance as a worker in government, period. This is a democracy," Duterte said vowing to continue his campaign against illegal drugs and criminality.

The President leaves his presidency to his fate. If I am only here for two years then that is my destiny, he said in a press interview prior to his departure for Myanmar and Thailand on Sunday at Davao International Airport.

"Maybe God gave me only two years, six months, one year and a half to be president of this country, fine," he stressed.

Basta let it not be said na hindi ko ibinigay ang ipinangako ko (that I did not give my promises), he said.

He also denied accusations he is behind the impeachment move against Vice President Leni Robredo.

I never did anything and I will not do anything about it, he said referring to said move against Robredo.

I am beyond politics. I do not want to tinker with it. I just want to focus on my job as a --- which you have given me, he said.

The President vowed to comply with his promises even if it would cost his life, his honor, and his presidency. Kaya kong bitawan lahat 'yan, mawala sa akin (I can let go all that, lose everything) but I will comply with my promise, he added.

His campaign against illegal drugs and criminality will continue and it will be brutal if they do not understand the role of government.

Kaya (So) drop the shabu if you want to be alive. You do not want trouble with the government, stop trafficking. Iyan lang 'yon (That's it). And if it is found in the Revised Penal Code. And if you are a criminal and you are caught in the act, do not fight because if you place the guy's life -- place it in jeopardy of losing it, my order is to shoot you." the President reiterated anew.

Source: Philippines News Agency