Public schools still accepting late enrollees – DepEd

MANILA-- Public schools are still accepting late enrollees even as the first day of classes for school year 2017-2018 started on Monday, Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Briones said.

Briones said the DepEd will continue accommodating students until June 16 in all public elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

Based on projection data from the agency, the total enrollment in public and private schools nationwide hit 26.96 million. Of this number, around 22.89 million are enrolled in public schools while the remaining 4.07 million are from private schools.

DepEd said the growth rate of enrollment for this school year is pegged at 8.2 percent, or an increase of 2.04 million students, which is almost twice the previous year's rate of 4.41 percent.

The opening of the school year for public schools is on the first Monday of June, while the school opening for private schools can be set between June and August.

However, the opening of classes in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur have been postponed for two weeks at the most amid ongoing conflict between government troops and local terror groups. Classes are likewise suspended in eight districts from Lanao del Sur.

Briones said that while school openings have always been beset" by perennial problems such as classroom shortages and lack of teachers and textbooks, these are further exacerbated by political challenges and national security threats.

"Nonetheless, we are opening classes according to the announced schedule, which is today. For obvious reasons, Marawi City and eight districts of Lanao del Sur will be delayed by two weeks. Schedules of classes will be adjusted so these will start early and dismiss early," said Briones.

"The usual documents which are required will be dispensed with in the case of children from displaced families. We are also making adjustments for schools which will have increased enrollments and those which will have lesser students," she added.

The Education chief reiterated that schools are zones of peace where the process of learning will continue, whether in times of peace or periods of uncertainty

Source: Philippines News Agency