Two chambers of Congress will remain under Federalism

PINAMALAYAN, Mindoro Oriental– The two chambers of Congress will remain when federalism is fully adopted, Atty. Raul Lambino, a known constitutionalist said here on Saturday.

During the first forum at Pinamalayan Maritime Foundation and Technological College , Lambino said the present composition of the Senate is only 24 senators.

In our proposal, we recommend it to increase it between 44 to 88, Lambino said in an interview at the sideline of the forum.

He said they recommend 4 to 8 senators for every region. They will trim down the number of regions to 11.

Asked why is there a need to increase the number of lawmakers, Lambino said increasing the numbers of lawmakers will make Congress more active, saying more heads are better than one.

Our senators will be elected by regions to give balance of representation to Congress. The present set up is dominated by Luzon, he pointed out.

Asked where they can get the needed budget, Lambino said, the Duterte administration is determined to thwart corruption and the needed budget is more than enough to finance the additional costs in lawmaking.

Budget is not a problem. Good revenue collection and thwarting corruption is the answer, he said.

He even cited that the number of senators in developed countries like France has more than 300 senators while congressmen is more than 500 who has a population of more than 50 million.

For his part, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said he supported federalism, saying that it would help the poor regions to rebound because rich regions in the country would contribute to help them.

Cusi who hails from Mindoro said he sees daylight at the end of the tunnel should federalism push through by climbing the ladder from developing to developed countries.

President Duterte will named the 25-member panel who will craft federalism by August and expected Congress to finish the job by 2019, he stressed.

According to Lambino, the time frame to finish federalism is before 2019 elections and 2020 saying that if not approved, and it happens that the next administration does not like it, federalism is considered dead.

He added that we need to get the best of presidential and parliamentary form of government in order to get the best combination for the Filipino people.

Source: Philippines News Agency