WHO gives tips for a safe and healthy Chinese New Year celebration

MANILA(PNA) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday gave some advice and reminders to ensure a healthy Chinese New Year celebration.

In its Facebook account, the organization posted the following "survival kits":

With the looming Chinese New Year feast during family gatherings, the WHO advised the public to avoid over-eating and consuming too much fats, salt, and sugar, as well as alcoholic beverages -- and to stay active by doing physical activities, such as walking, cycling or running, to burn those unnecessary fats.

The organization also noted that the celebration would be a good opportunity to show some concern for family members and friends who have mental health issues by asking them if they are okay and if they need help.

On the road, it reminded motorists to wear their seatbelt, avoid speeding, be aware of pedestrians and cyclists, never to text or drink alcoholic beverages while driving, and to take a break if they are tired or sleepy.

At the same time, the WHO said it would be a good time to quit smoking.

For couples who are "in the mood", it would always be good to practice safe sex. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency