Win or lose vs Pacquiao, Mayweather claims to be a big winner in life

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

MANILA, Philippines Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao is being regarded as the real threat to stain Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s undefeated record.

Far from his flamboyant image, a different Mayweather spoke to Yahoo! Global news anchor Katie Couric in a tell-all interview.

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Mayweather still exuded the cockiness that made him who is he today but at times, he revealed a different side of himself when he talked about his struggles in his early life that pushed him to reach the top.

“Having my hand raised doesn’t define me as a man, Floyd Mayweather is going to be a winner regardless,” said Mayweather, acknowledging that Pacquiao is a formidable opponent who got speed but reckless at times.

“So no matter what anyone says about Floyd Mayweather, I’m a winner… in life. Not just because I was able to make hundreds of millions but because whatever I got involved with, I gave my 100 percent,” Mayweather added.

Regardless if he ends up with a 48-0 or 47-1 record on May 2 (May 3 morning Manila time), Mayweather believes he’ll still come out as a winner with what he went through in life just to become part of this historic night in boxing.

Mayweather confided that his parents’ separation and his former-boxer-turned-trainer father getting imprisoned for his involvement with illegal drugs pushed him to do the right things and excel in the sport.

Despite talks of destroying him made by Pacquiao’s camp, Mayweather remains unfazed.

“I’m not worried about anything at all. I am a winner. I know how to win. In any circumstances, I know how to win,” Mayweather said.

The undefeated American boxer wants to come out immaculate in boxing’s richest fight.

“My prediction is to win in the end. I just want to be part of boxing history, of this evening, just once-in-a-lifetime thing.”